I felt calm, powerful, and in control of my birth experience and I couldn't ask for any greater of a gift

3rd baby
Rachel's Birth Story 
I just wanted to share my birth story with you all as I had a really wonderful experience with this program and the hypnobirthing technique. 
My name is Rachel and I live in the United States. My first two kids were born using the Bradley Method technique and helped me tremendously with both deliveries. In preparing this year for my third child's birth, I wanted a refresher in natural birthing techniques and have always been intrigued by hypnobirthing so I decided to find a course online. Which is how I found hypnobubs!!
I absolutely loved this course and think Melissa is just the most approachable and lovely teacher. What I've learned over the years about natural birthing techniques and mindfulness was only reinforced and deepened in these classes. I loved practicing daily mindfulness (and the peaceful naps that ensued) with the Surge of the Sea meditation. The lessons, meditations, and positive birth affirmations proved integral to my grounded state of mind leading up to the birth of my son. Especially in the final days as I experienced some anxiety due to my prodromal labor. 
When my active labor began I stayed rooted in the mantra that my body was designed to birth my baby and the phrase "calm and open." While I don't think I was able to achieve the kind of "painless" self-hypnosis I was hoping for, I was present in a completely new way during labor and delivery than I had ever been before. I especially think that the breathing techniques I learned and utilized thanks to hypnobubs helped me to relax into my contractions effectively and birth a 10 lb baby without any significant tearing. My physical healing was even faster this go around than either of my previous births. I know, for sure, that mindfulness contributed to this. 
I felt calm, powerful, and in control of my birth experience and I couldn't ask for any greater of a gift. 
Thank you to your team for providing such a holistic and approachable method that met me exactly where I was at and gave me the tools I needed to have an empowering birth!!
I'm so grateful!!!