Acupressure for labour and birth

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What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a lot like acupuncture (the traditional Chinese medicine practice of inserting thin needles into strategic points of the body) but instead of using needles, acupressure targets those same points using firm massage or touch. 

Research suggests that acupressure may reduce the length of labour particularly in the first stage and also promote a more favourable state of the cervix (which may help to avoid induction of labour and other interventions). 

Acupressure is said to increase blood flow to the uterus which influences hormonal responses and stimulates uterine contractions. 

There are some major acupressure points for your body that help induce labour naturally. We go through these (and other major acupressure points for pregnancy, labour, birth, and breastfeeding)  in our Hypnobirthing Australia course. 

Some Common Acupressure Points for Bringing on Labour:

SP6 – The spleen 6 point is considered one of the more versatile and commonly used points. SP6 is located above thankleon the backside of the shinbone (lower calf). It’s about the distance of four finger-widths above the inner ankle bone.

LI4 – The most common point in acupressure therapy, the large intestine 4 point (LI4) is known as Hegu, meaning “joining valley.” It’s located on the back of the hand, deep between the webbing of your thumb and pointer finger. Like BL67, the LI4 point is believed to induce labor. It may also stop the pain and strengthen immunity, among other problem-relieving functions.

BL32 – Bladder 32 (BL32), also called the Ciliao which means the second crevice, it is located in the dimple of your buttocks, which you can find by running your fingers down your spine until you reach right above your intergluteal cleft. This point is believed to trigger contractions and help relieve gynecological issues.

Where can you learn acupressure?

Are you interested in trying acupressure for natural start labour and/ or pain relief during labour? Check out our Acupressure for Labour & Birth course  by Dr Kate Levett. She is a world expert in acupressure for pregnancy and birth!

The ‘Acupressure for Labour & Birth’ course provides you with high-quality videos by world expert, Dr Kate Levett, demonstrating acupressure points and massage techniques for pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. You’ll receive 12-month access to 11 high-quality videos by world expert, Dr Kate Levett, expert tuition on the advantages of using acupressure for labour, birth and beyond, easy to follow video tuition displaying the most common points used for pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding. SHOP NOW.


Another great Acupressure tool is the labour and birth comb. The labour and birth comb, also known as an acupressure comb is a great tool to have in your birth kit as it helps stimulate certain pressure points on the body during labor. The theory behind using the birth comb during labor is that applying pressure to specific points on the body can help manage discomforts, induce relaxation, and potentially facilitate the progress of labor. You can purchase you labour and birth comb here