I highly encourage you to find a good support network, do a hypnobirthing or calm birth course

stretchandsweep vbac Jul 14, 2021


Zoe's Birth Story 

Baby Willow

Feb 2021

Bunbury Hospital



Previous birth: In 2018 I was booked to be induced at 41+2 but thankfully went into labour naturally that morning at 3am. I planned to have a drug/intervention free birth with KEMH birth centre but ended up being rushed to the main hospital ending in emergency c/s. Baby was posterior and could not get in a good position. I didn’t know about 'spinning babies' & exercises that can move bub so I didn’t progress ‘quick enough’. My waters were broken after about 16 hours. There was mec in my waters so they rushed me with bells & whistles to KEMH main hospital. The pain was in unbearable!  This was so traumatic for me, being ran through a hospital on a hospital bed completely naked & losing blood everywhere! I literally wanted to die & was screaming asking for my life to end. It was such a horrible experience. Once in the main...

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The surges were intense, however I found vocalising really helped, working and relaxing as much as I could for each one.

May 23 at 1:00am
3.8kg / 52cm
Natural, vaginal birth
We welcomed our sweet boy Finnegan after what I would call an extremely positive birth experience, minus some physical trauma discovered post-birth.
My entire pregnancy was considered low-risk, so I was lucky enough to be considered for the Family Birth Centre at KEMH. Everything was very straight forward, I had a very active and happy babe in my belly! At the end of my pregnancy, I had an appointment with my midwife at the 38 week mark, where my fundal height had increased more than what was expected. An ultrasound was arranged for the following Friday, and I was ready for the “big baby induction” chat. I had the ultrasound and the sonographer advised that his size was perfect, but my fluid levels were very high. I was whisked up to the Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit where a Dr spoke to me about my options.
After waiting hours by myself (this was during WA COVID...
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Loved my birth 2nd time round! All thanks to hypnobirthing!

So this is a very very late post but wanted to share it because I just have such a different birth 2nd time round. I loved my birth 2nd time round! All thanks to hypnobirthing!
So I have false labour for about 3 weeks before bub showed up so that was a little disheartening. Husband got to the stage where he thought she was never going to come. I went 5 days early with my first So thought no way I'd go over. I went 5 days over this time.🙈 Anyways I had a stretch and sweep on the due date had small contractions for the next few hours then they went away. Come Saturday while doing book work at 12.50 pm I though hmm... that was a little stronger than the ones I've been having then again 11 minutes later. Decided I'd should time them and the next two came on 8 minutes called the husband, he said I've just got to start a few more pipes (cotton farmer) so no rushing for him plus he didn't think she was ever coming.
I Jumped in the shower and called my mother inboaw and said...
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