It feels like it will go on forever, but know that you are making progress and it is all temporary!

pitocin strep b positive Sep 16, 2020

37+5 days
On 9/1/20, I woke up around 5am with some water leakage. Since I came up Strep B positive, my doctor told me I would need to go to the hospital right away if my membranes released, due to an increase in infection if I waited. I wrote in the hypnobubs fb group at that time for some advice, so thank you to everyone who responded with suggestions! You guys were very helpful and supportive. 

I decided to go to doctor’s office to get checked, but he wasn’t able to confirm whether or not it was my membranes, so he told me I could go home and monitor. I continued to leak small drips for the rest of the day. On 9/2/20, I woke up at 4am to a gush of water running down my legs. Even though I would have preferred to stay home and labor, I knew I needed to go to the hospital because of the increased risk but I was prepared to accept whatever path my birth took. I went to hospital around 8am with my husband and doula. At that time, I was only having small surges so my...

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