Breech Turn (Hypnosis for Childbirth) MP3

Relaxation, self-hypnosis, meditation for breech baby turn during pregnancy. Use hypnobirthing techniques to enter a deep state of relaxation and encourage your little one to turn into the optimal position for birthing.

Utilise the power of your mind/body connection to encourage your little one to move into the optimal position for birthing. If your baby is in the breech position; this album (along with positioning and other complementary techniques) can assist you to release any tension, relax your uterine muscles and allow room for your precious baby to move into the vertex position.

This album incorporates the techniques of relaxation, breathing, visualisation and self-hypnosis. It also includes a fear release, as fears can cause the mother to constrict muscles, making it more difficult for baby to move. As the subconscious mind registers the baby as being a part of the mother, hypnosis and deep relaxation can be used to direct changes in the mother’s body.

Using hypnosis to turn breech babies has been more successful than using other techniques alone. In a study done at a prominent university, 81% of the babies turned to vertex position with the use of hypnosis (Archives of Family Medicine, Vol. 3, Oct. 1994 Hypnosis and Conversion of the Breech to the Vertex Presentation Lewis E. Mehl, MD, PhD Dept. of Psychiatry Univ. of Vermont College of Medicine, Burlington).

This track is professionally guided self-hypnosis, so it is important that you do not listen to it whilst operating a moving vehicle or when engaged in an activity that requires attention.

Take some time out of your day, relax and enjoy this beautiful time as you bond with your baby, release any tension and program your mind and body for a calm and positive birth experience.

Spoken word by Melissa Spilsted – Hypnobubs. Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Recorded and engineered by Tracey Leggatt.

About the Artist:

Melissa is a renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist (Clinical Member of the AHA) and has appeared many times in the media, including The Australian Women's Weekly, Nurture Magazine, Practical Parenting Magazine, radio stations & her work has been showcased at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.


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