Baby, Come Out! (Hypnosis for Childbirth) MP3

If you are past that estimated ‘guess’ date and feeling the pressure for things to start ‘moving along’… our special ‘Baby, Come Out’ album is for you!

We have incorporated a Fear Release especially for the later stages of pregnancy and lots of positive messages of encouragement for baby to come earth-side. We don’t make any promises, of course. Babies know when to arrive. However, sometimes the pressures that we experience in this later part of pregnancy, especially with inductions, can be very counter-productive. That is why we created this album. So that you can let go, release and get back into a state of trusting… ready to welcome your precious baby into your arms.

This is a long-play self-hypnosis track (length 24.51).

Important: Please only listen to this track at a time when you can completely relax (ie. not when driving, operating machinery or completing a task that requires concentration).


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