Hypnobubsā„¢ Positive Cesarean Birth Online Course

Do you wish for your cesarean birth to be a calm, beautiful and joyous experience? Well, it CAN be! And that is what this course is all about!

We all know that sometimes, delivery of your baby via c-section is the safest option for both mother and baby. However, contrary to what some people believe; you do have options, and your choices can have a huge effect on your state of mind as you birth, the atmosphere of the room, mother’s comfort and your baby’s introduction to the world.

If you are wanting a calm, empowered, positive birth experience but are concerned that this is just not possible via c-section delivery, think again - this course is designed for you!

Hypnobubs™ has pioneered the Positive Cesarean Birth Course, which provides the birthing mother and birth partner with knowledge, tools (including relaxation, breathing and self-hypnosis), support and a method of preparation to assist in achieving a calm and family-friendly cesarean (c-section, caesarean, caesarian, cesarian) birth.

Hypnobubs™ Positive Cesarean Birth Online Course Inclusions

The Hypnobubs™ Positive Cesarean Birth Online Course consists of 12 months of access to:

  • 19 x comprehensive video lessons -
    • Module 1: Healthy Mind & Body (this involves understanding how the mind works, creating and maintaining a positive mindset and healthy body)
    • Module 2: Toolkit for Birth (tools to help us stay calm and positive through pregnancy, birth and through recovery)
    • Module 3: Knowledge is Power (birthing preferences and current research)
    • Module 4: Support Crew (the importance of having open communication with our caregivers and the role of our birth partner)
    • Module 5: Releasing Fears (your opportunity to release any fears and reservations that could potentially hold you back from having the positive birth that you desire
    • Module 6: Preparation - the Key to Success! (we will bring all of our learnings together and set out a practice routine so that you are well prepared for this birth)
  • the eBook hypnobubs™ The Positive Cesarean Birth
  • 5 x long-play mp3 practice tracks for pregnancy and birth
  • practical exercises and a birth rehearsal (so you can practice the techniques together)
  • downloadable course materials
  • worksheets
  • online support

This course is a world first; and has received national and international acclaim. (Featured on Channel 7 Sunrise, Quest Newspapers, Birth Matters and Nurture Magazine.)

We have released this world-first program because we passionately believe in POSITIVE birth – however our baby comes into the world. 

You'll receive expert video tuition from world renowned Hypnobirthing expert Melissa Spilsted covering the following topics...

Healthy Mind & Body

  • Understanding how our mind works
  • What is self-hypnosis?
  • What does a ‘positive birth’ mean to me?
  • How fear can affect our body and birth
  • Thoughts are powerful!
  • Reprogramming our subconscious/conditioning
  • Language of positive birthing
  • The power of affirmations
  • Pre-birth bonding
  • Healthy mother, healthy baby
  • Tips for a healthy recovery

Toolkit for Birth

  • The importance of facial relaxation
  • Relaxation Breathing – the most efficient path to ‘calm’
  • Music for birthing
  • Using touch to release endorphins
  • Instant relaxation techniques for use through pregnancy, birth and recovery
  • Specific self-hypnosis techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Visualizing birth
  • Hypnotic anchors and triggers for deep relaxation

Releasing Fears

  • Fear Release and visualization of birth practical session

Knowledge is Power

  • Further reading and research
  • Birthing Preferences
  • The Gentle/Natural/Family-Friendly Cesarean Birth
  • Baby’s microbiome
  • Bonding with baby at birth
  • Initiating breastfeeding

Support Crew

  • Communicating with our caregivers
  • Birth partner’s role
  • Cheat Sheet and Birth Partner Prompts
  • ‘Birth Rehearsal’ practical session

Preparation - the Key to Success

  • Routine for practice
  • A positive cesarean birthing video
Be part of the revolution that is taking place throughout the world as mothers gain more knowledge about how they can help and advocate for themselves and baby to achieve a very safe, calm, empowered and positive cesarean birth.


You will have full access to the videos, mp3s, downloads and resources from the online learning platform for 12 months following your enrolment.

You can save all of the pdfs, ebooks and mp3s for future access beyond this 12-month period, however, please note that there isn't a way to save the videos.

We update our courses on a regular basis and provide online support throughout, so that's why we keep the access to 12 months.