Rainforest Dreaming (Hypnosis for Childbirth) MP3

In a remote rainforest in Far North Queensland, Australia – there are ancient rock pools where local indigenous birthing women have congregated for many years. Rainforest Dreaming is inspired by this ancient place and ritual.

Birth is an intensely physical, emotional and spiritual time in a woman and her baby’s journey. Let Melissa’s soothing voice guide you in this deep self-hypnosis, relaxation track as you travel through the rainforest, visit the ancient rock pools and bathe your mind, body and soul in peace and tranquility.

This album is self-hypnosis, deep relaxation. Please only listen to it at a time when you can completely relax (ie. not when driving).

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

Spoken by Melissa Spilsted - Hypnobubs™.


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