The surges were intense, however I found vocalising really helped, working and relaxing as much as I could for each one.

May 23 at 1:00am
3.8kg / 52cm
Natural, vaginal birth
We welcomed our sweet boy Finnegan after what I would call an extremely positive birth experience, minus some physical trauma discovered post-birth.
My entire pregnancy was considered low-risk, so I was lucky enough to be considered for the Family Birth Centre at KEMH. Everything was very straight forward, I had a very active and happy babe in my belly! At the end of my pregnancy, I had an appointment with my midwife at the 38 week mark, where my fundal height had increased more than what was expected. An ultrasound was arranged for the following Friday, and I was ready for the “big baby induction” chat. I had the ultrasound and the sonographer advised that his size was perfect, but my fluid levels were very high. I was whisked up to the Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit where a Dr spoke to me about my options.
After waiting hours by myself (this was during WA COVID...
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I was empowered and embraced my body’s natural ability to birth a baby.

The story of my 4th birth. 3rd VBAC. 2nd Hypnobirthing Australia hypnobirth. 1st Rainbow Birth. ❤
My birthing day arrived at 39+2 on Sunday the 2nd of May.
I felt a few gentle pangs when I woke up. Very easy, gentle practice contractions, no rhyme nor rhythm, far apart and very short. By no means labour. I enjoyed a big breaky of eggs and bacon on wholemeal toast (thanks Diabetes) and pottered around the house.
Around 7am I had a show and knew that I was going to meet my baby by lunchtime. With previous precipitous labour, I rang the hospital and despite no regular, long/strong contractions they advised to come in (we had an hour-long drive).
We dropped the kids off at mums and began the drive just before 7.30am. I listened to my hypnobirthing tracks in the car and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise coming up over the hills. The sky was really stunning that morning. I was so relaxed, calm and at ease.
At 7.55am, when we were about 15 minutes from the hospital,...
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It was nothing like what I expected but I found that I had every tool I needed throughout the process

2nd baby naturalbirth Jun 02, 2021
My baby boy was born on April 28th and it was nothing like what I expected but I found that I had every tool I needed throughout the process. I also found so much love and support on the Facebook page.

This was my second baby and I thought I knew what to expect. I did not have a hypno birth with my first son, but I had done a little reading on hypnobirthing and found that labour was actually pretty easy. Then there were complications that I was not prepared for and the whole experience ended up leaving me feeling like I had lost control and scared to repeat the process. So this time around I decided to double down and I found hypnobubs. My husband and I did the course and practices together, it was lovely and I felt so prepared and cared for.

My surges started the Friday before my guess date and I was so happy and excited. I felt this was really it so I called my husband and he called his parents to come down and watch our older son. By the time dinner came around they had stopped!...
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FTM, accidental home birth.

This is super long as I wrote it out to help me process it all.
On Friday morning I woke up and had what I thought was a small leak and a bloody show and thought I was in the early stages of labour! I saw my midwife that afternoon who checked my waters and advised they were not leaking and it was just my mucous plug and my cervix were still shut completely.
Throughout Saturday I lost more of my mucous plug and it seemed to be getting more watery, I was planning on following up with my midwife on Sunday to check again it wasn't my waters...
9:30pm I felt my first niggle but wasn't sure if it was just trapped wind 🤣 I tried to sleep but I just couldn’t and by 11pm I knew that it wasn't wind and probably not braxton hicks.
I left my husband in bed and went and watched Schitts Creek to keep those oxytocin hormones going and bounced on my gym ball. By 2am they were becoming obvious and I was bleeding a bit more so that’s when I called the...
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"I kept listening to my tracks, had all the lights low and still tried to breathe baby down".

epidural naturalbirth Aug 05, 2020

Sophie was due on Thursday 9/7/2020.
Monday 6th at around 4:30pm I started to get tightenings only at the front and 10mins apart for 20- 30seconds. I tried to relax had a bath and then went to bed to see if I could sleep. Around 10pm the tightenings had basically gone and nothing all day. I tried to keep moving and now was keen for baby to come out.

That night (Tuesday night/Wednesday morning 8th) at 1:30am started getting more tightenings 6-7mins apart and lasting 30 sec and monitored them until they fizzled out again at 5:30am.... Come on baby.

Finally after a walk with the dogs some lunch on Thursday 9th and a nap I felt tightenings a little more intensely and starting to pull from my back at about 2pm. I monitored for a bit and they were 2-3mins apart and lasting over 35sec.
I called my partner to let him know to come home and I think this might be it. Called my midwife that something's happening and then waited for the surges to be lasting closer to a minute.

By 5:30 I stuck on...

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