My midwife Lindsey were so supportive and confident throughout my pregnancy an due to her experience, knowledge and calming nature I felt completely safe an at ease.

home birth Aug 13, 2019

Hi Melissa,

I’d just like the thank you so much your online course is amazing. I birthed my second son over 10months now at home it was so perfect I wish I would have had it on video.

After a 26hr labor with my first son(Des) and ending up in theatre having an episiotomy and forceps( resulting in Dessie’s neck being damaged)I wanted my second pregnancy and labor to be different I come across your online course.

I listen to the tracks every night at bedtime and practised the breathing techniques throughout my pregnancy. My partner broke his foot at work when I was 38 weeks so we switched to a homebirth it was the best decision we ever made.

Our baby was in a posterior position we tried everything to move before labor started but having undertaken your course I felt confident and trusted my body it would know what to do I was 41weeks and my doctor was happy to let me go to 42 weeks before intervention again I had faith and trusted that my baby would come when ready .


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My accidental home birth story!

home birth natural birth Jul 15, 2019

Having gone nearly 2 weeks over with my first baby, I decided to up my walking during week 38/39. At 38+6 my toddler and I set off for a huge walk in the morning. 

I had aches from 1 pm that afternoon but thought nothing if it. 

At 8 pm, after our toddler had gone to bed, I had a nice warm bath, listening to the tracks. Something told me to start packing my hospital bag. I didn’t finish but got most of it done. 

At 9 pm I realised the aches were coming and going somewhat regularly and decided to time, just out of interest. They were 10 or so mins apart. This may sound strange but I was SO excited to feel real contractions. I’d previously only felt the fake contractions from being induced. One of my wishes for this birth was to feel a real contraction - wish granted! I had a few tiny spots of blood on my pad just before I went to bed (I’d had zero ‘signs’ before this). I decided to sleep and said to my husband that maybe, just maybe...

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My Amazing, LIFE CHANGING, Hypnobirth Story

home birth natural birth Apr 01, 2019
I am so excited to share my beautiful birth story with you and some photos of my birth of Flynn

After an anxiety-filled first pregnancy and a frightening, fast and stressful first birth, I decided to look into hypnobirthing for my second. What I found was more than I could have ever imagined. My hypnobirthing pregnancy was calm and positive as I practiced my affirmations and techniques. I fell asleep every night listening to the

[caption id="attachment_36569" align="alignright" width="241"]Flynns beautiful Home Birth The moment we met baby Flynn[/caption]

relaxation tracks and felt joyful, positive and excited about my upcoming birth. My hypnobirth was so beautiful that 5 minutes after our hypnobub was born, I said to my husband " I want to do that AGAIN!". My two births could not have been more different and I am so grateful that I found hypnobirthing. Here is my story,

On the evening of my due date, I felt some mild sensations within and a little irritable as I put my two year old to bed....
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