By far the most crazy, magical and transformative experience of my entire life.

birthing ball first baby Oct 05, 2021
💕Shaylee's Birth Story
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Hi hypnobirthers, it feels surreal to be finally writing my very own birth story!🥺
Our son, Tommy was born 4:07am on Friday 17 September. By far the most crazy, magical and transformarive experience of my entire life.
I went into labour on my due date, having what felt like mild cramps for most of the day. Things ramped up after dinner as I started to time my surges, the app on my phone was saying 5 minutes apart and kept telling me to go to the hospital. I think I was in denial because I was so calm and didn't feel much pain at all. We decided to go to bed instead and get some rest😂 I layed down in bed for less than a minute and felt this big POP! My husband even heard it, there was water everywhere and we both went into panic mode. The pain got so intense I completely forgot everything I had learnt and was totally out of control.
We got to the hospital around 10:45pm, the...
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