I was empowered and embraced my body’s natural ability to birth a baby.

The story of my 4th birth. 3rd VBAC. 2nd Hypnobirthing Australia hypnobirth. 1st Rainbow Birth. ❤
My birthing day arrived at 39+2 on Sunday the 2nd of May.
I felt a few gentle pangs when I woke up. Very easy, gentle practice contractions, no rhyme nor rhythm, far apart and very short. By no means labour. I enjoyed a big breaky of eggs and bacon on wholemeal toast (thanks Diabetes) and pottered around the house.
Around 7am I had a show and knew that I was going to meet my baby by lunchtime. With previous precipitous labour, I rang the hospital and despite no regular, long/strong contractions they advised to come in (we had an hour-long drive).
We dropped the kids off at mums and began the drive just before 7.30am. I listened to my hypnobirthing tracks in the car and enjoyed the beautiful sunrise coming up over the hills. The sky was really stunning that morning. I was so relaxed, calm and at ease.
At 7.55am, when we were about 15 minutes from the hospital,...
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