Positive Cesarean Birth Course

Our WORLD FIRST Hypnobubs™ Positive Cesarean Birth Online Course is NOW AVAILABLE! Give yourself and your baby the gift of a calm, positive and empowered pregnancy and birth.

About our course

The Hypnobubs™ Positive Cesarean Birth Course helps you to build the knowledge, tools, support team and positive mindset to help you to achieve a very calm and positive cesarean birth experience. Contrary to what some people believe; you DO have options when having a c-section and your choices can have a huge effect on your state of mind as you birth, comfort, the atmosphere of the room and your baby’s introduction to the world. You prepare well for important events in your life and are used to making empowered choices... birth should be no different. This course will help you to prepare for the sort of birth that you will ALWAYS want to remember.


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What's so special about this course?

It's Easy to Access Using Your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer

This course is all online, which means that you can access your learning and resources anytime, anywhere (you have access to wifi), anyhow (on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Perfect!

Professional and Easy to Follow Video Classes You Can Access Anytime

This world first course has been meticulously designed to be easy to follow, down-to-earth and comprehensive all at the same time. Melissa is a world expert in childbirth education - so you're in good hands!

Also includes relaxation mp3s, eBook, Worksheets and Support!

Let's not forget all of the awesome resources that are included with the course! Mp3s tracks, eBook, videos, sample birth preferences and worksheets. Everything you need to prepare for your positive cesarean birth!

What do we cover in our WORLD FIRST c-section childbirth classes?

Here is an outline of the topics covered throughout the Positive Cesarean Birth Online Course.

Healthy mind & body

> Understanding how our mind works
> What is self-hypnosis?
> How fear can affect our body and birth
> Reprogramming our subconscious/conditioning
> Language & affirmations
> Pre-birth bonding
> Healthy mother, healthy baby
> Tips for a healthy recovery

Toolkit for birth

> Facial relaxation
> Relaxation breathing 
> Music for birthing
> Using touch to release endorphins
> Instant relaxation techniques 
> Specific self-hypnosis techniques
> Visualizing birth
> Hypnotic anchors and triggers for deep relaxation

Knowledge is power

> Further reading and areas for research
> Birthing Preferences - open communication with caregivers
> The Gentle/Natural/Family-Friendly Cesarean Birth
> Baby’s microbiome
> Bonding with baby at birth
> Initiating breastfeeding and tips

Support crew

> Communicating with our caregivers
> Birth partner’s role
> Cheat Sheet for the birth partner and Birth Partner Prompt Sheet
> ‘Birth Rehearsal’ practical session

Releasing fears

> Identifying limiting beliefs and tools to address them leading up to/during birth
> Fear release using self-hypnosis
> Visualization for birth

Preparation - key to success

> Routine for practice
> Birth video & interview of a hypnobubs mother who used this very program for her own Positive Cesarean Birth

As seen on TV

This course is a WORLD first; and has received national and international acclaim. Watch our Sunrise interview!


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 19 x Comprehensive video lessons with renowned hypnobirthing expert Melissa Spilsted

5 x Long Play Relaxation mp3 tracks for cesarean birth

eBook - The Positive Cesarean Birth

Downloadable resources & worksheets

Online support

PLUS the ability to upgrade to a private 90-minute session with a Hypnobubs™ Certified Practitioner




Private 90-minute Webinar/Phone session with Hypnobubs™ Certified Practitioner

19 x Comprehensive video sessions with Melissa Spilsted

5 x long play relaxation mp3 tracks for cesarean birth

eBook - The Positive Cesarean Birth

Downloadable resources & worksheets

Online support

BONUS 3 x albums 


Change of Circumstances?

If you have already completed the hypnobubs online course and now know that you will require a c-section for the safe delivery of your baby; then you can add on this shortened version of the Positive Cesarean Birth Course. It includes video sessions, 3 x long play relaxation mp3 tracks, eBook, downloadable resources and online support. CLICK HERE for details.

"My midwife was the same one who went through my first labour and c-section birth, and she was in awe at how calm I was this time around. She also said that it was one of the easiest and straightforward c-sections she’s seen. My recovery was 100 times better than my emergency c-section. I’m still surprised at how little pain I was in and how quick and easy it was for me to move around. It was a very cathartic and healing birth. The best thing about it is I finally got the calm and positive birth experience I had always wanted, and much to my surprise it was a caesarean birth that gave me that."

Hypnobubs Mama

"I felt very relaxed the whole time and before I knew it I heard a little tiny cry and I burst into tears of joy, they lowered the drape so I could see as they slowly lifted our baby out, I remember just waiting for her to be lifted high enough so I could see the sex then I blurted out through my tears, it’s a girl! I looked at my partner and he had a tear in his eyes as he kissed me, it was a wonderful moment! Thank you so much for everything Melissa, the skills and support you gave us are invaluable and we will be forever grateful for the wonderful work you do. You are amazing!! xo"

Hypnobubs Mama

"Our birth experience was wonderful, with our amazing team of care givers, he was born into a room of love and joy.... I felt more relaxed this time knowing what to expect... You were there with me the whole time as I listened to the caesarean birth meditation and affirmations during the procedure."

Hypnobubs Mama

"Even after the very first module I felt more positive and openminded about the whole experience. The caesarean went a hundred times better than I could've ever imagined, I can't believe just how calm and relaxed I was! The actual operation didn't phase me at all. My partner even commented that I was smiling when he came into the operating theatre."

Hypnobubs™ Mama

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