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Our Hypnobubs™ Online Hypnobirthing and Childbirth Education programs have been used by many thousands of parents from all over the world but we want more couples to know about our program so that they can learn proven tools and techniques to achieve a positive birth. That's where you can help us!


Want to learn more about our affiliate program?

It's easy. You simply join as an affiliate and then recommend that program that you ALREADY love! 

Whether you are a hypnobirthing parent, content site or blogger or large network - we have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize your website. Simply JOIN HERE. You will receive an affiliate code (we'll walk you through how to do it) and then you use that code when sharing links to our products. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, our system registers that the recommendation came from you. If they purchase, then you receive a percentage of the sale. 

This is our way of thanking you for recommending our products. And others will thank you for recommending them too, when they discover the tools to prepare for a calm and positive birth!

Affiliate Commission (Rates)

We provide the following affiliate commission rates to our affiliates. 

MP3 Albums: 25% affiliate commission

eBooks: 25% affiliate commission

Product Bundles 

(MP3 & eBook only): 25% affiliate commission

Online Courses

(excluding Private Session): 25% affiliate commission

*Online Courses

(including Private Session): 15% affiliate commission

*Private Session: N/A

Share links

You will be provided with your own unique custom links to invite potential customers to purchase from the website.

You can access your affiliate share links from the affiliate portal once you have signed up (from your affiliate users dashboard).

With these share links, you can paste a link directly to your website, blog, social media advertising, email correspondence, etc. to encourage potential customers to purchase products via the website.

Your affiliate link is unique to you and will drop a tracking “cookie” into the potential customer’s web browser that will last for 30 days. If they purchase within those 30 days, you will be credited with that sale. If the potential customer clicks on the same link again, it resets the time and restarts the 30 days.

We have created share links to Individual Products and Product Bundles, the Hypnobubs™ Website Homepage (Sales Page) and also the Hypnobubs™ Online Shop.

Affiliate Payments

We pay affiliate commissions at the beginning of each month for the previous month via Paypal. Can you please ensure that your Paypal email address is correct to ensure affiliate payments are received.

Simply CLICK HERE to sign up.

"I love referring clients to our resources online and bonus, getting extra income. When group or private classes just don’t suit a potential client, I love offering our online program as I know they’re getting the next best thing. Being paid to refer them to our online course is just a bonus!"

Renee Bradfield
Hypnobubs Practitioner

"The affiliate program provides a great opportunity to earn extra money either by promoting the online products to existing clients or by promoting the online classes to those who can't make a group class with a certified practitioner. The process is easy and very well supported by Melissa and the Hypnobubs team. And because I know the products and the classes are high quality and are effective I feel very comfortable recommending them. "

Caitlin Dyer
Post Partum Doula

"I love the affiliate program, it allows me to reach more couples who want to achieve a positive birth than I would otherwise be able to do. I always get a surprise every month when I get reimbursed from Hypnobubs when people have booked using my link. All the time and effort discussing best options is recognised and you feel valued for your hard work spreading positive birth vibes to places far and wide! "

Nicole Jackson

"As a proud Hypnobubs mum of three, I’ve loved being an affiliate partner. I have been organically promoting the program when sharing my own birth experiences on my webpage and in my podcast. I also often interview other mothers who have used the program and I link to Hypnobubs through my webpage. The program sells itself. It’s been wonderful sharing the birthing program I have used and love myself. Knowing more women are going into their births educated, ready and excited makes me so happy and receiving a commission is an added bonus. "

Sophie Walker
Australian Birth Stories Podcast

"One of the many great aspects of Hypnobubs is that we have the opportunity to earn additional income through the affiliate program. I am so dedicated to raising awareness of this program and I share it regularly in my social media groups and pages not only for couples to book in to work with me in person, but also for those who can’t get to face to face classes, they have the option to do it online. There is also the option of purchasing relaxation tracks, not only for pregnancy and birth, but for everyday life for anyone, and this means that I earn an affiliate commission for my time to share and promote. This is that whole give and receive – an exchange, and getting a little extra for the love I have for the product is a bonus. "

Vicki Hobbs
Doula & Hypnobubs Practitioner

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