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  • AFFORDABLE hypnobirthing classes from the comfort of your own home
  • WORLD CLASS training by hypnobirthing expert, Melissa Spilsted
  • COMPREHENSIVE video lessons, multiple mp3 practice tracks, eBook, downloads & support


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"I have sung praises about hypnobirthing to everyone who wants to listen it made what is probably my last birthing experience such a special time and gave me a sense of accomplishment that I never expected. I did it this time with no pain relief at all drugs or otherwise. I can truly say I loved every moment and want to thank you for developing the web based sessions so that I could access a program that allowed me to be at peace with bringing my bubba into the world. "

Shana & Scott
Hypnobubs Parents

"Beautiful and calm Sage was born at 12.44pm in 2 hours and 42 minutes hours in the birth pool. She was 4.54kg or 10lb, my perineum was all intact and I felt great. Thank you Melissa for your work and online course. I truly believe that with this support and information I was able to manifest the birth I wanted."

Hypnobubs Mama

"I cannot believe the ease in which I birthed. Because I have a career and family to balance, the best option for me was to seek an online course. One of the most recommended to me was Hypnobubs curriculum. It was fairly priced, thorough, evidence-based, and efficient in regards to my access. If you told me that I could have a positive birth experience after my last one, just by talking to myself positively, I would’ve laughed at you. But I experienced it – so I know it’s possible.""



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Basics Package: Hypnobubs™ Hypnobirth Online Course (Childbirth Classes via Home Study)

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The Hypnobubs™ Hypnobirth Online Course is comprehensive and fun... and you can complete it all in your ow...

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Value Package: Hypnobubs™ Hypnobirth Online Course + Change of Circumstances Course

$199.00 USD

This option is perfect if you are aiming for a natural birth but also wish to be well prepared for a cesarean birth (...

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Premium Package: Private 90 Minute Session + BOTH Hypnobubs™ Courses

$299.00 USD

Take your confidence to the next level with the combination of the Hypnobubs™ Online Childbirth Classes with a ...

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Want a little sneak peek of the course prior to enrolling? Not a problem! Please enter your details below and receive access to the learning platform PLUS receive a Free Pregnancy Relaxation MP3!