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Helping Parents to Build Trust, Knowledge & Confidence in Birth

Hypnobubs™ is a specialised hypnobirthing childbirth education program designed with real mothers and life in mind.

This course teaches you simple and highly effective techniques and equips you with the knowledge and confidence to help you feel empowered and have the tools to keep calm and positive leading up to your birth, during your birth and into your parenting journey.

It is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and professional hypnobirthing education to help you prepare for the birth of your precious baby. 

Regardless of your location, availability or circumstances (natural birth and/or cesarean birth), we have a face-to-face or home study hypnobirthing online course option for you. 

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Join thousands of parents worldwide with our hypnobubs™ hypnobirthing online course & childbirth classes!

Pregnant mothers and birth partners all over the world have achieved a calm and positive birth after completing our hypnobubs™ hypnobirthing course. You can too!

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Hypnobubs™ is a leading provider of hypnobirthing childbirth education, services and support for parents, caregivers and midwives. Our mission is to make quality, relevant, unbiased, independent childbirth education more accessible to more parents worldwide!

When attending a Hypnobubs™ course; you will receive expert tuition from a Hypnobubs™ Certified Practitioner trained to the highest standards. All of our Hypnobirthing Practitioners are taught by the director of Hypnobubs™, Melissa Spilsted, who is internationally recognized as a leading expert in hypnobirthing education.

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is as much a philosophy of birthing as it is techniques. When a mother and her birth companion are able to approach their birth without fear and with knowledge, good support, and tools for the birth – then their birthing can be a very positive and empowering experience.

The ‘hypno’ part of ‘hypnobirthing’ refers to the hypnotherapy that we use during the program to release fears and condition ourselves to release endorphins at times during our birth. With the help of hypnotherapy, the birth of your baby can be a more calm and relaxed experience; one where you are in the driver’s seat, rather than feeling like a passenger. This is likely to reduce the need for interventions during your birthing.

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The Hypnobubs™ Program

The Hypnobubs™ program is a comprehensive but easy-to-follow childbirth education course that equips parents with the mindset, knowledge, tools, support and preparation to achieve a very calm and positive birth. Our program is built on a solid scientific foundation and draws on extensive evidence-based research from the fields of psychology (the study of the human brain and behaviour) and physiology (the study of the physical and chemical processes of our body - i.e. how we function). During the course, you will gain an understanding of the relationship that exists between the mind and the body (the mind-body connection) and the direct (and indirect) influences that the mind and body have during your pregnancy, labour and birth.

The Hypnobubs™ program can help you to prepare for a calm and positive natural birth; whilst at the same time having the knowledge and tools to effectively deal with any special circumstances if they were to arise. Our program is designed for both natural birth and cesarean (caesarean, c-section) birth, which is why it is revolutionising birthing internationally.

Basically – we promote POSITIVE birth and are well prepared for whatever turn our birth may or may not take. Chances are, our birth will be natural, but all throughout the course is it emphasised that the techniques serve us well in either scenario.

Hypnobubs™ uses a combination of different techniques and philosophies that have existed for many, many years. Ancient wisdom is combined with modern theory – giving you the advantage in your acquisition of knowledge as you prepare for your birth.

A famous obstetrician from the early 1900’s identified the place that fear plays in birth outcomes. Dr Grantly Dick Read, wrote the famous book Childbirth Without Fear. Though, when he first presented his theories to the medical field he was laughed out of town, over time his theories became widely embraced by women throughout the world. Even the Queen provides a testimonial to his which is quoted on one of the early editions of his book.

One of the main theories underpinning the teachings in Grantly Dick Read's book is the Fear – Tension – Pain syndrome. In short, fear creating tension in the body resulting in ‘pain’ (as opposed to feeling the strong but normal sensations of childbirth). He advocates for removing the fear often associated with birth so that a woman's body can do what it is designed to do in a more comfortable way. This is a very big part of what we teach in our course.

A lot of what he says in the book is still relevant to this day, however, there are now a lot of other factors we need to consider when pregnant and giving birth. Society has changed. Science can now help us to understand hormonal and physical changes that occur during pregnancy and birth. Medical science has evolved. We have changed!

And this is why we created the hypnobubs™ program with the modern mother in mind.

The Hypnobubs ™ program incorporates the teachings of many famous and respected birthing experts throughout history such as Ina May Gaskin, Dr Michel Odent, Dr Grantly Dick-Read, Dr Sarah Buckley and many others – and combines all of this wisdom in a simple, relevant and easy-to-follow childbirth program – giving you the complete advantage in your preparation for childbirth.

When attending a Hypnobubs™ course; you will receive expert tuition from a Certified Hypnobubs™ Practitioner who is trained to the highest standards to deliver quality childbirth education and equip you with the mindset and techniques proven to make your birth a more comfortable and empowered experience.

In your classes (online or face-to-faceyou will gain an understanding of the psychology and physiology of birth - the interrelationship between the mind and body and how your body reacts to your thoughts. Hypnobubs™ understands the importance of mind-body connection and teaches self-hypnosis for childbirth (hypnobirthing) to help parents utilise these proven techniques effectively. When you attain the skills to direct your mind to stay calm, positive and relaxed and have faith in your body’s ability to birth – birth becomes a whole lot easier!

Techniques that you learn through the course will help you achieve a deep state of relaxation, enabling your body to open up without resistance. In this calm state, your body’s natural relaxant, endorphins, will replace the stress hormones (which can cause your uterus to constrict and create tension and pain). You will also have tools to bring yourself back into a calm state, if your birthing takes a different turn than expected or if you have difficulties with the intensity experienced. These self-hypnosis techniques are equally effective for cesarean birth, helping you to remain calm and relaxed which in turn, will help your baby to stay calm and relaxed throughout the medical procedure. The benefits of hypnotherapy assist both mother and baby!

Your birth partner will learn ways to help you throughout pregnancy and birth. This is very useful for the mother and very empowering for the birth partner. Many hypnobirthing mothers comment after birth that they and their birth partner ‘did it together’. Of course, the mother did most of the physical and inward work during the birth; but the advantages of having the support of a good birth partner cannot be underestimated.

When you have your baby with hypnobirthing, you will not be in a trance or asleep. You will actually be in a heightened state of awareness – awake, but deeply relaxed. You may look like you are asleep at times; however, you will be aware of what is going on around you when you need to be. You will be calmly in tune with your body and your baby and this will assist the birth to progress. When it feels right, you will move around and may even speak and vocalise. You will help direct the course of your own birth.

Free Course Preview and Pregnancy Relaxation MP3!

When is the best time to attend hypnobirthing classes?

Mothers often ask us, when is the best time to attend classes? We answer – anytime is possible! The main thing is that you have the opportunity to learn these techniques before you birth.

The ideal time to commence classes is between 20-30 weeks; but if you are outside of this time, that is fine too.  

Many couples who have attended class, even much later in pregnancy, have achieved excellent results. 

We even have hypnobirthing online courses available so if you are further along in pregnancy - you can complete the whole program intensively if you wish. It's very flexible.

Determination is the deciding factor when it comes to hypnobirthing success. Please feel free to contact your closest practitioner to discuss more intensive training options if needed.

99%* of hypnobubs™ mothers said they felt more prepared and confident about their birth after attending a hypnobubs™ course

* Actual survey results based on 100 course attendees (Survey conducted 2017/18 via SurveyMonkey).

The Hypnobubs™ advantage!

Our course is comprehensive and at the same time very easy to follow. It prepares mothers and birth partners for a positive and empowered birth experience using a tried and tested five-tiered approach:

> MINDSET- understanding how to create and maintain a positive mindset through pregnancy and birth

> KNOWLEDGE - about the functions of the body, the birth process and choices available during childbirth; because ‘knowledge is power’

> TOOLS - to help you to remain calm throughout your pregnancy and during the intensity of childbirth (tools include breathing, visualisation, relaxation and self-hypnosis)

> SUPPORT - for you and tuition for your birth partner/s – so that they can take an active role and help you to achieve a more comfortable and satisfying birth experience

> PREPARATION - for your mind and body, incorporating expert tuition, professionally produced practice albums and comprehensive resources

Hypnobirthing Classes and Online Courses

Hypnobirthing Online Course

Join our popular hypnobirthing online course and give yourself and your baby the BEST preparation for a calm and positive birth! Our online hypnobirthing course is easy to access & it WORKS!

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Positive Cesarean Birth Course

If you're pregnant and know that you need a cesarean then this birth course is for you! Our WORLD FIRST cesarean course using hypnobirthing techniques prepares you with knowledge & tools.

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Hypnobirthing Classes & Sessions

Sometimes you need that personal touch; we get that! Book your own private session/s or hypnobirthing group classes with a Hypnobubs™ Certified Practitioner and give yourself the edge!

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Courses for Birth Professionals

Are you a midwife, doctor, nurse, doula or caregiver who would like to learn more about how to best support and/or teach parents who are wanting to use hypnosis for childbirth? Click below to learn more.

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