Hypnobirthing Classes & Sessions

Sometimes we just need that personal touch; we get that! You can book your very own PRIVATE SESSION or CLASSES with a Hypnobubs™ Certified Practitioner

Only the BEST Professionally Certified Instructors available to support you in your birth preparation!

You will receive expert tuition from a Certified Hypnobubs™ Practitioner who is trained to the highest standards by one of the world's leading experts in childbirth education, Melissa Spilsted. We have very strict requirements for practitioner training and ongoing certification - so you're in good hands! Ensure that you start this journey off with the BEST childbirth education available – because you and your baby DESERVE nothing less than THE BEST.


Take your birth preparation to the next level!

Face-to-Face Hypnobubs Classes Worldwide: Private & Group Class Options

There is no substitute for the personalized attention you receive when attending Face-to-Face classes with a Certified Hypnobubs™ / Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner. This course covers techniques to help you to have a more relaxed and comfortable labour and birth, release any fears and reservations leading up to your birthing date and bond with your baby. Your birth partner is encouraged to come along to the classes, as they learn how they can better assist and advocate for you during your birthing. 


Private 90 minute Skype Session with a Certified Practitioner

If you are enrolled in a hypnobubs course (online childbirth classes or positive cesarean birth course) you have the option of upgrading to include a private 90 minute session with a hypnobubs™ Certified Practitioner. Your Practitioner will go through any areas that require further clarification, help you to address fears and reservations that may be holding you back from the birth you desire and also personalise the practice routine to ensure that you are getting the most out of your learnings. You are setting yourself up for success!


Premium Package: Private 90 Minute Session + BOTH Hypnobubs™ Courses

$299.00 USD

Take your confidence to the next level with the combination of the Hypnobubs™ Online Childbirth Classes with a 90-min...

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Private Session Upgrade with a Certified Hypnobubs™ Practitioner

$150.00 USD

Spend 90 minutes in a private session with your own Certified Practitioner; and give yourself 'the edge' in your prep...

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Positive Cesarean Birth Course, 90 Minute Private Session Upgrade + Extras

$249.00 USD

Take your confidence to the next level with the combination of the hypnobubs™ Positive Cesarean Birth Course with a 9...

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